The Immune water bottle
The Immune water bottle

The Immune water bottle

The Immune water bottle: protect yourself against COVID-19

Nowadays, it is important to maintain your health and secure your wellbeing. Especially with the coronavirus spreading all around the globe, you can better stay safe by boosting your immune system. The special designed Immune water bottle will be releasedby Qcharge today. The Immune water bottle is portable and it filters all different kinds of water.It removes all the impurities, including heavy metals, fluoride and bacteria. The water bottle filters the chlorine and other contaminants, so the water is refreshing and clear. Immune eliminates toxins with antioxidants and it will increase your immune system with just 5 cups of clean water a day. The PH-level of the water will be increased through the filtering process.

The portable water ionizer is made out of eco-friendly materials with a double-layered silicone glass that makes the bottle tough and durable. With the unique technology designed by Qcharge, the bottle provides a filter that reduces the amount of bacteria, metals and fluoride in the water. This will provide you the security of your health.The Immune bottle is suitable with all kinds of water, such as: tap water, distilled water, mineral water and purified water.

The purification process

Install the glass bottle quick and easy on the base, to start the process of ionizing. The bottle is portable so you can make hydrogen-rich water to increase your immune system on the go. Protect yourself anytime and anywhere against the COVID-19 virus with the QchargeImmune bottle.

With the use of SPE and PEM film which provides world-class filtration that eliminates impurities, and allows your body to absorb water and minerals more easily.With the largecapacity lithium batteries, it is possible to produce a cup of hydrogen-rich water in only 3 minutes. One full battery provides you 15 filtered bottles of water.

Innovative materials

The platinum and titanium electronic ring provides resistance to corrosion, long lifetime value of the filter, high water regulation and with the extreme closure it will keep containments away.

The Immune bottle material is made out of TX1001 glass. The membrane is made out of a mix of Platinum and Titanium.The bottle has also passed CE authentication.

If you care about your health, you should invest in the Immune bottle. Start today with the purifying water to boost your immune system and protect yourself against viruses like the COVID-19. The bottle is easy to use and compatible with all kinds of water. In just under 3 minutes you will enjoy the purified water without any contaminations. It filters bacteria, metals and fluoride out of the water. The bottle is made out of eco-friendly material and it is very durable and corrosion-free. Don’t hesitate and startimproving your immune system today!

Now available at qchargeinc.com !

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